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Federal Health and Safety requirements

image in article Federal Health and Safety requirementsAs part of the federal Child Care and Development Block Grant Fund stipulations, states must certify that there are health and safety standards in place and training requirements that are appropriate to the provider setting and the age of the children served. 

The Child Care and Development Fund health and safety requirements for providers receiving federal financial assistance include training in: 

  • prevention and control of infectious diseases (including immunization)
  • prevention of sudden infant death syndrome and use of safe sleeping practices
  • administration of medicine, consistent with standards for parental consent
  • prevention of and response to emergencies due to food and allergic reactions
  • building and physical premises safety, including identification of and protection from hazards, bodies of water, and vehicular traffic
  • prevention of shaken baby syndrome, abusive head trauma, and child maltreatment
  • emergency preparedness and response planning for a natural disaster or a human-caused event 
  • handling and storage of hazardous materials and disposal of biocontaminants
  • appropriate precautions in transporting children
  • pediatric first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect

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