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Health and Safety Training

Child care providers in Oregon, H&H Child Care Training Center, knows it can be difficult to meet the annual health and safety training requirements. Finding new and interesting training can be challenging.  

We currently offer over 40 approved training courses in the Core of Knowledge Area, Healthy Safety and Nutrition with more being added each week. H&H is pleased to be able to offer training courses to Oregon providers to fulfill their annual Health and Safety training requirement. Take a look at the list below to see some of the Health and Safety trainings H&H offers. We also offer over 150 additional training courses in all other Core of Knowledge Areas.

CDA Infants/Toddlers: Health and Safetyimage in article Health and Safety Training

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: School Age Nutrition

Healthy Habits from the Start

Healthy Hygiene for Family Child Care

Priority #1: Keeping Children Healthy and Safe

What’s on the Menu?: Health and Nutrition

Safety Comes First in Child Care

Sun Smart: Safety and Guidelines

CDA Infants/Toddlers: Smart Nutrition & Feeding

H&H Child Care Training Center is your complete resource center for trainings, educational resources, professional certifications and more. We are here to help child care providers earn their CDA certification and complete their required training courses. Take a look at our website to find out more

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