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VIP Program Changes Coming June 2022

For more than two decades, H&H Child Care Training has provided high-quality training, efficiently and cost-effectively to childcare workers all around the world.  In keeping with that tradition, as well as with the times, we’ll be introducing some changes to our VIP Program.  

Here’s what to expect:

What’s NEW:

  • There are three VIP Programs - all are flat-fee annual subscriptions, designed exclusively for individuals.
  • Basic Online VIP subscription provides unlimited access to hundreds of our online-only courses.
  • CDA Plus VIP subscription includes all the benefits of an Basic Online VIP subscription, plus our entire offering of CDA® Renewal and supplemental courses,
  • Instructor-Led VIP subscriptions include all of the Basic Online VIP, CDA Plus VIP, and one instructor-led virtual class per month.

In addition based on the package subscription some of these VIP benefits may apply:

  • A history report of trainings.
  • Free Certificate reprints (for the past 4 years).
  • Immediate access to online trainings.
  • Immediate access to certificates upon successful completion.
  • Online Trainings text translated into different languages.
  • Free expedited Emergency Plan reviewed within 24 hours.
  • Travel fee waived for onsite training within a 10-mile radius of zip code 20878.
  • VIP coupons and promotions.

Courses and classes are available on an à la carte basis apart from the VIP Program as well.

When the changes are live, full program details and pricing can be found on the H&H VIP Subscription Program page, and of course, we'll be spreading the word in various ways (and hope you will too)!

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