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Maryland Child Care Credential Program: What is a PAU?

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The Maryland Child Care Credential Program has established specific requirements to encourage engagement in activities that foster the professional #growth-and career development of individuals in the field of child care. These activities contribute to both the enhancement of the quality of child care services and the overall advancement of the profession.

Professional activities within the context of the credential program are those that encompass a broader understanding of #early-childhood-education and school-age care. They extend beyond individual development, aiming to increase knowledge not only within the profession but also among those outside it. Active involvement in initiatives supporting workforce development and program improvement is emphasized, with the ultimate goal of enhancing outcomes for children. These activities are designed to elevate the competence, performance, and effectiveness of individuals working in child care.

It's crucial to note that completing approved training does not qualify as a professional activity under this program. However, coursework undertaken at an accredited college or university for credit, with a grade of C or higher, is recognized as a valuable contribution and counts as two (2) Professional Activity Units (PAUs).

Professional Activity Units (PAUs)

Professional Activity Units (PAUs) are the quantifiable measure assigned to an activity based on factors such as the number of hours invested, the level of effort exerted, or the commitment demonstrated. This system provides a structured approach to acknowledging and valuing the diverse professional development efforts of individuals within the child care field.

The Maryland Child Care Credential Program places a significant emphasis on professional activities that go beyond routine training. It encourages a holistic approach to career development, fostering engagement in activities that not only benefit individuals directly but also contribute to the broader landscape of #early-childhood education and school-age care. By assigning Professional Activity Units to these endeavors, the program recognizes and values the dedication and commitment of professionals in the child care sector.

What activities qualify for PAUs?

One of the most common questions and concerns is how to acquire PAUs. Don’t worry! You are probably already doing many activities that will aware you PAUs. Check out this short list below of just a few common activities you can use toward earning PAUs.

  • Member of a local, state, or national child care professional organization such as:
    • The Maryland State Child Care Association (MSCCA)
    • National Child Care Association
    • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • Participate in a child care event that is held at the center and parents are invited to participate.
  • Community Child Care Event (such as Week of the Young Child (WOYC), festivals, community days) or fundraiser campaigns to benefit children.
  • Serve as an informal mentor for high school students, child care staff, or family child care providers.
  • Attendance at a local or regional child care conference.
  • Center or family child care provider conducts #developmental-screening.
  • Contribute written material for a local or state distributed publication (e.g. parent newsletter, school newsletter).

To see a full list of PAU activities view the Maryland Child Care Credential Program Booklet.

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