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The 90-Hour Certificate FAQs

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The 90-Hour Certificate FAQs


What is the 90-Hour Certificate?

The MSDE Office of Child Care requires all lead teachers working in a child care center to have the 90-Hour Certificate, a pre-service program that equips teachers in teaching children in the classroom. The certification program assists in training teachers in the foundations of teaching children and how they learn, in addition to the growth and development of children from birth to 12 years.

To qualify as a lead teacher, teachers must be at least 19 years old, hold a high school diploma, and have at least two years' worth of work experience.


What does the 90-Hour Certificate consist of?

The 90-Hour Certificate is broken up into two courses: the 45-Hour Methods and Materials and the 45-Hour Growth and Development. If a teacher holds the 90-Hour Certificate in one age group, they just have to take the Methods and Materials course in another age group to be certified for that group.


Which of the 90-Hour Trainings does H&H Child Care Training offer?

H&H Child Care Training offers the 90-Hour Certificate in the following age groups:


In what formats can I take the 90-Hour trainings?

The 45-hour courses are offered in two formats: online and in-person.

  • Online: The online 45-courses are self-paced and can be translated into over 40 languages. The course is broken up into units, and students must complete a post-test with a score of 80.0% or higher before moving on to the next unit.
  • In-person/Zoom: The in-person classes are taught by experienced instructors knowledgeable in their field. The in-person classes are made up of 36 hours of in-person classes and 9 hours of online coursework. Textbooks are not required for these courses, but may be used as a resource.


How can I register?

Teachers can visit our website and register for the 45-Hour courses after creating a new account; they can also call the office at 1(833)283-2241 (2TEACH1) or email Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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