Renew your Teacher certification in Maryland - post

Renew your Teacher certification in Maryland

Childcare staff are required to take continued training during each 12-month period of employment with a minimum of one-half in the Core of Knowledge and a maximum of one-half in elective training.

  • Aides and Assistants: 6 hours
  • Teachers, Family Child Care Providers, and Directors: 12 hours

Get the best bang for your buck with H&H Child Care Training Center’s Subscriptions.

Take advantage of the subscription service at H&H Child Care Training Center! Subscriptions are a cost-effective way to obtain required annual trainings. H&H offers both Instructor-led Zoom courses and Self-paced online courses. 

Our subscriptions are divided into three tiers, all purchasable through a flat fee. Subscription packages are as follows:

  • Basic = $65
  • CDA Plus = $99
  • Instructor-Led = $149

BASIC ONLINE: BEST Value for unlimited online training toward your child care continuing education requirements

CDA PLUS: BETTER Value includes unlimited online training PLUS all CDA online training course requirements! Including the CDA Renewal Online Trainings

INSTRUCTOR-LED: SUPERB: This includes unlimited online training, plus all CDA online training for course requirements, AND you will have the option to attend a Virtual Class each month which is led by a trained Educational Specialist.

All of our subscription packages include the following:

  • Unlimited online trainings, with 3 in-progress trainings at any time
  • Access to certificates through the user's profile within the last 4 years
  • Training History
  • Priority Registration

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