H & H Child Care Training

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Including All Children and the Americans with Disabilities Act - $35 ( members $30) 3hrs

This class is taught through Zoom a Virtual Class Model and is approved by MSDE.

Childcare Professionals will be presented with information, strategies, and resources on how to develop and implement an ECE environment that is inclusive to all children and families. Course can be taught at your location with a minimum of 10 students.

Payments are non-refundable

Course cost is $35. Discounted price for VIP $30.

Upcoming & running sessions:
Class starting:09/14/2020, ending:09/14/2020 in Zoom Meeting,
Class starting:08/17/2020, ending:08/17/2020 in Zoom Meeting,
Class starting:10/04/2020, ending:10/04/2020 in Zoom Meeting,
Class starting:09/05/2020, ending:09/05/2020 in Zoom Meeting,
Class starting:08/29/2020, ending:08/29/2020 in Zoom Meeting,

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