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Become a super hero for young children

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Keeping children safe is one of child care professionals' paramount responsibilities in a child care program. When providers know the risks, they are better prepared to mitigate them through intentional planning of the space and more informed practices. Supporting children’s social and emotional development can make all the difference in children who have experienced trauma. Become the hero every child deserves! 

H&H Child Care Training Center is offering the training course “The Super Hero in Us All” to assist child care providers in their work with children. After successful completion of this four hour online course, participants will be able to:

  • Define Adverse Childhood Experiences and identify its effects on child development;
  • Identify strategies to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences; and
  • Identify the signs of child abuse and neglect and demonstrate knowledge of appropriate reporting process
  • Identify resources addressing health, safety and nutrition topics (CPR, 911, CDC, WIC, Poison Control)

This is only one of many online training courses H&H offers to providers in the area of health and safety. Check out our website at to view our full list of courses. Check back often as new courses are added each week.

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