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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Infants and Young Children

What is TBI?


What is TBI?

According to the CDC, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is any injury that "affects how the brain works." TBIs range in severity and effects, both short- and long-term. TBIs can result from a simple bump of the head, but without quick and professional care, can become dangerous and even long-lasting.


Why should caregivers and child care providers learn about TBI?


Infants and young children are prone to injuries as they develop physically and gain more awareness of their body movements and their surroundings. Caregivers and child care providers have a duty to keep the children in their care safe from injuries. Being knowledgeable of what to do in case of an accident and knowing what signs to look for will minimize the effects of a potentially dangerous injury.

At H&H Child Care Training, we offer a 3-hour course on TBIs and Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) called Brain Injury Awareness in Young Children. This online self-paced course explains the possible effects of head and/or brain injuries in infants and young children, and offers strategies to caregivers to prevent potential injuries to children under their care.


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