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Teaching science to young children

image in article Teaching science to young childrenTeaching science to young children can be a lot of fun, and it's a great way to help them develop their natural curiosity and love of learning.

Start with simple concepts. Young children are still developing their understanding of the world, so it's important when incorporating scientific discovery in the #childcare_class to start with simple concepts. 

Hands-on activities appeal to children’s natural desire to learn by doing so provide lots of opportunities for them to engage and explore!

Use real-world examples. When you're teaching science concepts, try to relate them to things that children are familiar with from their everyday lives. While children may not always understand the concepts you are trying to teach, offering encouragement and opportunities for them to explore on their own will make them feel comfortable to learn at their own pace. Encourage questions and offer a variety of ways children can experiment with scientific concepts.

Teach children about density with this fun shark inspired science activity! 


  • Clear vase jar, or bowl
  • Water
  • Blue Food coloring
  • Balloons
  • Oil


  • Fill the vase with water
  • Add blue food coloring
  • Fill one balloon with water
  • Fill other ballon with oil
  • Make sure the balloons do not have air in them.
  • Drop your balloon “sharks” in the water “ocean” and see which one sinks and which one floats.
  • Once the children notice that the one with oil floats, explain that real sharks use their oily scales to help them float.


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