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Working Together for Children

Educators are not the sole source of education for young children, family and community play an important role in children’s growth and development. When providers understand the connections between family, community, and early childhood programs, they are better equipped to support children through this wide lense. Through positive relationships with families and support from the community, early childhood programs can help to create a nurturing environment for their children in their care. image in article Working Together for Children

H&H Child Care Training Center understands this unique dynamic and is offering the online training course,  “Across All Horizons: Family and  Community”. This 3-hour training covers families and communities in relation to the early childhood education setting. In this online child care course, students will demonstrate understanding of:

  • Demonstrate understanding of developing positive relationships with child care families.
  • Demonstrate understanding of community organizations that support early childhood programs
  • Demonstrate understanding of the role of family in society.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities a child care administrator has towards families and the community.

This is only one of many online training courses H&H offers to providers in the area of health and safety. Check out our website at to view our full list of courses. Check back often as new courses are added each week.

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