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Meeting the Standards: Requirements for Child Care Providers in Texas

image in article Meeting the Standards: Requirements for Child Care Providers in TexasIn the state of Texas, the well-being and safety of children are of utmost importance. To ensure the quality of care provided in licensed child care facilities, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has established stringent requirements for child care providers. These requirements encompass background checks, education, training, and ongoing professional #development. In this article, we'll delve into the essential prerequisites for individuals seeking to work in licensed child care facilities in Texas.

  1. Background Check:

One of the fundamental requirements for anyone seeking employment in a child care center in Texas is a comprehensive background check. This check aims to ensure the safety and security of children under the care of the facility. All prospective employees must pass this background check before they can work with children.

  1. Tuberculosis Examination:

Child care providers must also provide a current record of a tuberculosis (TB) examination demonstrating their freedom from contagious TB. This is another vital precautionary measure to safeguard the #health of both children and staff within the facility.

  1. Licensing Affidavit for Applicants for Employment:

All prospective employees are required to complete a notarized Licensing Affidavit for Applicants for Employment form. This form serves as an acknowledgment of the individual's commitment to adhere to the state's regulations and standards governing child care centers.

  1. Minimum Standards for Employees:

To work in a licensed child care facility in Texas, employees must meet specific minimum standards, including:

  • Being at least 18 years of age.
  • Holding a high school diploma, a high school equivalent, or a high school certificate of coursework completion.
  1. Required Training:

Child care providers in Texas are also required to undergo extensive training to ensure they are well-equipped to care for children. The training consists of two main components: pre-service training and annual training.

Pre-Service Training:

Before beginning work in a child care facility, caregivers must complete 24 clock hours of pre-service training. 

Pre-service training for caregivers must cover the following areas:

  • Developmental stages of children
  • Age-appropriate activities for children
  • Positive guidance and discipline of children 
  • Fostering children’s self-esteem [
  • Supervision and safety practices in the care of children 
  • Positive interaction with children
  • Preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases, including immunizations.

For caregivers responsible for children under 24 months of age, an additional hour of training is necessary, focusing on topics like shaken baby syndrome, safe sleep practices, and #early-childhood brain development.

Eight of the initial 24 hours must be completed before the caregiver is included in the child-to-caregiver ratio, with the remaining 16 hours to be completed within 90 days of employment.

The 24-Hour Texas Pre-Service Training

ChildCareEd offers a unique solution for aspiring child care providers in Texas: the 24-Hour Texas Pre-Service Training. This online self-paced course has been meticulously crafted to address all the pre-service training requirements. By successfully completing this program, caregivers can ensure that they are well-prepared to provide exceptional care and education to children of all ages.

First Aid & CPR:

Within 90 days of employment and before having unsupervised access to a child in care, all child care providers must receive training in first aid and CPR. This training must also be kept current to ensure the safety of the children.

Transportation Training:

Transportation training is required for each employee who transports a child and is to be completed annually.

Annual Training:

Child care providers are required to complete 24 clock hours of annual training. The topics covered in this training must be relevant to the age group they care for. At least six hours must be dedicated to topics such as child #growth-and-development, guidance and discipline, age-appropriate curriculum, and teacher-child interaction.

Additionally, one hour of annual training must focus on preventing, recognizing, and reporting child maltreatment. Topics such as #emergency-preparedness, immunizations, medication administration, and food allergies must also be addressed in the annual training. The remaining hours can cover a range of topics, including child health, safety, risk management, and cultural diversity.

Texas Teacher Annual Training

24 Hour Texas Teacher Annual offers a blended approach to ensure #educators meet their annual training requirements effectively. This course combines 18 hours of self-paced online learning with 6 hours of virtual classroom learning. It provides the ideal balance between flexibility and structured, instructor-led education. 

Self-Instructional Training:

While up to 80% of the annual training hours can come from self-instructional training, no more than three hours of self-study training are permitted. This ensures that the majority of training hours are received through formal instruction and not solely through self-guided learning.

Working in a licensed child care facility in Texas comes with a significant responsibility to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. Meeting the requirements outlined by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services is crucial to ensure that child care providers are well-prepared, informed, and capable of delivering the high-quality care and education that children deserve. ChildCareEd is here to help providers acquire their needed requirements and maintain them. By adhering to these requirements, child care providers in Texas contribute to the well-being and development of the state's youngest citizens.

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