Planning Summer Fun: Texas child care providers - post

Planning Summer Fun: Texas child care providers

image in article Planning Summer Fun: Texas child care providersTake a look at these fun summer activities for preschoolers that are easy to plan and implement.

Have a Picnic.
Spread out a blanket and bring along food and drinks. Have the children sit down and enjoy their lunch while observing nature. Educators can point out different trees, plants, bugs, and birds. Take a book and read to the children while they sit and eat.

Take the Water Table Outside.
Children love to play at the water table and they also love to get messy. Take the water table out, have children put bathing suits on, and let them get wet and messy! The children will love that the usual rules of playing at the water table in the classroom no longer apply when they are outside!

Camp Out.
Set up a tent in the classroom and let the children play in the tent. Consider having children take turns napping in the tent. Set up a pretend campfire and roast marshmallows and tell stories around the campfire. 

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