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Basic Health and Safety Promotion




What is the one of the first questions a parent asks about a childcare facility?  "How will you keep my child safe and what are your standards for ensuring this will happen?", is often the top question.  As we know, being educated on a topic and then implementing the knowledge into best practices is the key to answering the questions with confidence. 

Effective July 1, 2017 the State of Maryland requires that all people working in a licensed childcare facility or a home daycare, must have the Basic Health and Safety course.  


The key topics covered in the class include: establishing and maintaining safe, healthy environments, teaching all children and youth safe practices to prevent and reduce injuries, record keeping and policiy considerations, identification and reporting of child abuse, neglect and injurious treatment, sanitation practices and appropriate supervison of all children and youth at all times.

We are offeing the class this weekend for a special of $37.00 for an individual or bring a friend and you both pay $35.00.  Please call the office 301-300-1776 to recieve the discount.  This offer expires 6/27/19.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

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