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GA Discount on Basic Health and Safety

image in article GA Discount on Basic Health and SafetyGA Discount on Basic Health and Safety Enjoy $10 off the Georgia required 10-Hour Basic Health and Safety training course at H&H Child Care Training Center (ChildCareEd)!

H&H (ChidlCareEd)'s 10-Hour Basic Health and Safety course is a 10-hour self-paced training that provides an overview of health and safety topics and the additional required learning for all Georgia childcare professionals. 

Per DECAL's new teacher requirements, this online course covers the following topics:

  1. Identify strategies to support chronic health issues.
  2. Identify disease prevention in childcare environments.
  3. Understand medication administration.
  4. Understand appropriate methods of supervision at all times.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of SIDS and how to implement safe sleep practices.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of transportation safety.
  7. Explain when to report child abuse.
  8. Recognize neglect and emotional abuse.
  9. Identify signs of sexual abuse in children and identify signs of physical abuse in children.
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of how to prevent traumatic brain injuries in children and infants.
  11. Identify the various types of emergencies child care programs can face.
  12. Explain what to do in case of a fire, power outage, and other emergency situations (natural or man-made).
  13. Demonstrate an understanding of having an emergency plan and what needs to be included.
  14. Distinguish appropriate indoor safety concerns and distinguish appropriate outdoor safety concerns.
  15. Define developmental screenings and how it relates to child development.

The Georgia PDS approves H&H Child Care Training (ChildCareEd) to provide the 10-Hour Basic Health and Safety under the organizational code of TR-ASO-76.image in article GA Discount on Basic Health and Safety

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