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Active Supervision: The Only Way to Care for Children

image in article Active Supervision: The Only Way to Care for ChildrenPrograms that use active supervision take advantage of all available learning opportunities and never leave children unattended. When caregivers are committed to actively supervising children, they create safe and secure environments that promote healthy attachment and social/emotional development.

The following are important aspects of active supervision that caregivers should implement in the learning environment.

Set Up the Environment:

Teachers set up the environment so that they can supervise children and be always accessible. Small spaces are kept clutter-free and big spaces are set up so that children have clear play spaces that staff can observe.

Position Staff:

Teachers carefully plan where they will position themselves in the environment to prevent children from harm. They place themselves so that they can see and hear all the children in their care.

They make sure there are always clear paths to where children are playing, sleeping, and eating so they can react quickly when necessary. Teachers stay close to children who may need additional support. 

Scan and Count

Teachers are always able to account for the children in their care. They continuously scan the entire environment to know where everyone is and what they are doing. They count the children frequently, especially during transitions. 


Teachers who are listening closely to children immediately identify signs of potential danger. Childcare programs that think systemically implement additional strategies to safeguard children. For example, bells added to doors help alert staff when a child leaves or enters the room.

Anticipate Children's Behavior

Teachers use what they know about each child’s individual interests and skills to predict what he/she will do. They create challenges that children are ready for and support them in succeeding. But, they also recognize when children might wander, get upset, or take a dangerous risk. 

Engage and Redirect

Teachers use what they know about each child’s individual needs and development to offer support. Teachers wait until children are unable to problem-solve on their own to get involved. 

H&H Child Care Training Center knows the importance of active supervision in the childcare environment and has developed several courses to provide caregivers with strategies to implement. Check out the courses below and sign up today to learn more about active supervision. 

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