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18 Hour Train the Trainer Course

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ChildCareEd is now an Approved Train the Trainer Organization for the MSDE 18-Hour Train the Trainer! In order to become an approved trainer with MSDE, individuals must complete an approved training of trainers. 

ChildCareEd Train of Trainers (TOT) 18-hour is an online self-paced course approved by MSDE; designed to teach individuals how to become dynamic early care trainers. From basic requirements to moral and ethical responsibilities, this course covers everything you need to inspire and connect with adult learners. With an in-depth look at adult learning principles and strategies for successful training facilitation participants will develop a deep understanding of the specific needs of adult learners and how best to transfer learning. Incorporated throughout this training are cultural competencies and unbiased approaches with considerations on how to support learners with special needs. Students will have access to support from the instructor through each element of a successful training including detailed goals and objectives and assessments that accurately measure participant knowledge. Students taking this TOT will learn techniques and essential strategies for engagement, skill retention, application of knowledge, and reflection. Students will be required to submit an outline of a Core of Knowledge (CKO) training topic including an overview, objectives, and summary statement with two key points. A fifteen-minute presentation will be scheduled with the Instructor.  Constructive feedback will be given by the instructor(s). 

ChildCareEd also offers this as individual 2 and 3 hour courses for those individuals who prefer smaller courses or for those who have already completed a portion of the required training of trainers hours. The courses below are the individual TOT courses that add up to the full 18-hour Train the Trainer. 

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