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What is Maryland EXCELS?

What is Maryland EXCELS?


Maryland Excels is based on nationally recognized quality standards and best practices, Maryland EXCELS equips providers with an understanding of how far they’ve come in providing quality care – and how they can continue to deliver quality care.

Maryland EXCELS promotes quality by awarding ratings to Child Care Centers, School-Age Child Care Programs, Family Child Care Homes and Public Prekindergarten programs. These ratings are available to families as a way to help them make informed choices in the care of their children.

The system is simple: programs earn ratings on five progressive check levels that form a pathway to excellence. A rating of ‘1’ is awarded to providers and programs that successfully meet initial requirements, while a rating of ‘5’ is awarded to those that have achieved the highest level of quality.


Child Care Center Standards- https://www.marylandexcels.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Child-Care-Center-Standards-March-2014-5.pdf

Family Child Care Center Standards- https://www.marylandexcels.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Family-Child-Care-Standards-March-2014.pdf



Sited from the https://www.marylandexcels.org/about-us/


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