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More Money for Maryland Childcare Providers


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The State of Maryland is increasing their efforts in supporting childcare providers across the state.  It was recently announced by Governor Larry Hogan that the State of Maryland will be giving childcare providers who faced financial hardships an extra $50 million in grants suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Grant money can be used to pay for things like personnel costs, rent or mortgage payments, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), mental health support for children and employees, and other costs related to caring for children during the COVID-19 pandemic or getting ready to do so. 

It has been reported that Governor Hogan’s budget for the 2023 fiscal year will also help childcare providers in the following ways:

  • $5.2 million to help childcare workers in Maryland get credentials
  • $5 million to give awards to providers who take part in Maryland EXCELS, the state's quality rating and improvement system for childcare and early education programs
  • $3 million to keep local Head Start programs going
  • $1 million for the Child Care Accreditation Support Fund, which helps childcare providers pay the costs of getting accredited.

During the current round of funding, preference is going to be given to childcare providers who meet the following criteria:

  • Providers who can show they are having financial problems that make it likely their business will close within the next 12 months.
  • Providers who have never received a stabilization grant before.
  • Providers who take part in the Child Care Scholarship Program; Providers in areas where MSDE says there aren't enough childcare slots.
  • Providers who mostly care for low-income families in areas with a lot of poverty
  • Providers who care for children with special needs
  • Providers who care for children under 2 years old.

To take advantage of the grants, childcare providers must act NOW!  The Maryland State Department of Education is only accepting applications now through August 29th as late applications will NOT be considered.  On the program's website, providers can look at the Grant Information Guide for more information about the terms and definitions for each priority area.

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