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Finding Child-Friendly Activities in PG County Maryland

Finding Child-Friendly Activities in PG County Maryland

Prince George’s County Marland is full of #culture and #history. Bordering the eastern portion of Washington, D.C., PG is conveniently located near a number of #child-friendly sites. 

Patuxent Research Refuge

Established to facilitate research on wildlife, this refuge encompasses more than 20 miles of trail, where visitors can enjoy exploring. While some trails are accessible to bikers and horse riders, there are pedestrian-only options. Fishing is only allowed in designated sections of the refuge.

Also at the Patuxent Research Refuge:

    • National Wildlife Visitor Center
    • Kids Discovery Center: The activities are created for children between the ages of 3 and 9 and are intended to be completed with the guidance of a parent or guardian. For children with special needs or who are learning English as a second language, adult supervision is necessary. Additionally, older siblings are welcome to participate alongside their parents and assist their younger siblings in comprehending and finishing the tasks.
    • Monarch Magic: See young monarch caterpillars grow into beautiful monarch butterflies.
    • Wildlife Images Bookstore
    • Hollingsworth Art Gallery: Each month the Hollingsworth Art Gallery exhibits wildlife-themed art by local and by nationally-known artists.
    • Family Fun: The Family Fun section offers self-paced hands-on activities and crafts for all ages.
    • Visitor Center Bird Blind: The angled observation window provides the opportunity for individuals of all heights to observe inconspicuously. The lookout faces a spacious area that has been transformed to resemble the floor of a forest. Various bird feeders have been placed to entice different types of birds.
    • Pollinator Gardens: The Patuxent Research Refuge has large pollinator gardens of native plants.

The Prince George’s County Memorial Library System (PGCMLS)

PGCMLS is a great place to explore new books and these fun activities:

  • Books From Birth: This program is designed to get books into the homes and hands of every young child in Prince George’s County. Register a child who is under the age of five and they will receive a free book in the mail every month until their fifth birthday!
  • Storytime
  • STEM-tastic: Fossils: Become a scientist by conducting hands-on, fun science activities using basic scientific principles.

Dinosaur Park 

This site in Laural, MD holds rare deposits of fossils from the early Cretaceous period, about 115 million years ago.

From the bones and teeth of the Maryland state dinosaur Astrodon johnstoni to the remains of early flowering plants, the fossils found at Dinosaur Park help scientists reconstruct our region’s ancient history.


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