Welcoming All Families in Georgia - post

Welcoming All Families in Georgia

image in article Welcoming All Families in Georgia Among the many goals Quality Rated programs work hard to achieve, one of the main goals that should always come first is working collaboratively with families.  Research has shown that building strong and effective partnerships with parents and teachers can help children and families thrive. These partnerships are grounded in positive, ongoing, and goal-oriented relationships with families. The relationships are based on mutual respect and trust. They are also developed over time, through a series of interactions between staff and families.


Successful relationships focus on families’ strengths. They build on a shared commitment to the child’s well-being and success. As relationships between staff and families grow stronger, mutually respectful partnerships are built. Strong partnerships with families contribute to positive and lasting change for families and children.


H&H Child Care Training offers many trainings to help Quality Rated Programs learn how to develop positive relationships with families and to help each family feel welcomed into their program.  From our Bienvenido! Welcoming All Families course to our Community and Family Engagement in Childcare just to name a few.  To see a full list of courses that can help meet the engaging families portion of Quality Rated click here and schedule your next class today!   

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