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Georgia, Do You Need a Newer Basic Six?

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Hey Georgia Educators, do you need the Basic 6?  Are you tired of taking the same old classes that haven’t been revised in years?  Look no further then H&H Child Care Training!  We have developed new and improved courses that will meet the Basic Six training requirements!

H&H Child Care Training (ChildCareEd) courses are approved by Georgia’s Bright from the Start, towards the number of clock hours of in-service training required for those who work in family childcare homes, large family childcare homes and child care facilities/centers. This includes directors, employees, operators, providers, and substitutes.

H & H Training Courses (ChildCareEd) grant .2 CEUs or more as well as awarding state approved clock hours of 2 or more for all childcare centers, and family childcare providers. 

To see a full list of classes H&H Child Care Training (ChildCareEd) has approved in Georgia, please visit our website or you can visit the GaPDS and search under Approved Sponsor Organization for H&H Child Care Training ASO-76 to schedule your next training today!

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