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Supporting Children's Self-Esteem

Children are able to develop their creativity and in turn, build their self-esteem when they are able to create their own works of art. They can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they have completed an art project. As teachers, we want to foster this creativity and give children a variety of opportunities to express themselves. Each child is unique and while some children can easily express themselves verbally, others may find it difficult. Providing art as a form of expression in the classroom helps those children that find it difficult to express themselves in other ways. Consider providing children with a variety of art supplies and give them the freedom to use whichever they choose. Suggestions for art supplies in the classroom:

Markers, crayons, finger paint, watercolors, oil pastels, clay, recycled materials, colored pencils, pencils, scissors, glue, feathers, sequins, colored paper, textured paper

image in article Supporting Children's Self-EsteemMy Personal Shield Activity.

Objective: To express or represent a feeling or value in a drawing.

Have children draw a picture or symbol in each section of the shield to represent: 

  • one of my goals.
  • something that makes me happy.
  • one of my strengths.
  • something that represents me.

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