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Supporting children’s early language and literacy development

Research has shown that without a strong foundation in reading, children are left behind at the beginning of their educational careers. The purpose of emergent literacy instruction is not to teach children how to read. The purpose is to teach the foundation that will provide children in their later academic careers the groundwork needed to become proficient readers.

Educators can provide a variety of activities to support young children’s pre-reading and pre-writing development. 

  • Read with children at least once a day.
  • Reread favorite books including rhyming and repetition books.
  • Connect examples from stories to real life.
  • Trace and make letters in sand or playdough.
  • Point out the symbols that occur in the environment.
  • Introduce new words.
  • Engage in conversation on a regular basis.
  • Ask a child to tell you about their drawing and write down what they say.
  • Provide children with paper, crayons, paintbrushes, paint, and pencils.

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