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STEM in the Kitchen

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September 10th was National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day. National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day was started and is sponsored by the Young Chefs Academy (YCA). The mission of the Young Chefs Academy for this day is to get people of all ages to be involved in the kitchen. Cooking or baking are things that can be really fun for anyone once they are exposed to it. The YCA encourages all ages to help plan, prep, and make meals with their family starting at a young age. This day allows for the children to spend some time in the kitchen if they aren’t normally used to it. The focus of the YCA is to provide experience for young kids in the kitchen and to help them learn tips, tricks, and healthy eating habits.

Who said the kitchen can't support STEM activities? Check out some of these activities or explorations/experiments Have fun!


*Archived from H&H's Constant Contact Newsletter [9.9.2022]

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