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Rainy Day STEM Activities

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Rainy Day STEM Activities

Rainy weather is not something to avoid! It's weather that is full of wonder and new ideas to explore. Natural/Nature science is the study of.. What makes the wind blow? Why do we need water? Can nature help produce energy that can cook food? One of the best way to explore is to DIY equipment needed to collect data. Check out the web sites below. Each site is a collection of activities, some original and others from sites we have visited for other activity ideas. Each activity has directions for the DIY measurement tool and directions for use.


STEM on a Budget – 50 Creative Weather Activities (artsymomma.com)

15 Fun Weather STEM Activities for Kids (lookwerelearning.com)



*Archived from ChildCareEd's Constant Contact Newsletter [4.27.2023]

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