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Potty Training is No Joke!

image in article Potty Training is No Joke!Potty training is no joke in childcare!

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Potty training is an important step in a child's development. It can be frustrating, it takes time, it's messy and it's unpredictable. No matter what, patience and communication are key to success with potty training young children. Open two-way communication between you and your families ensures everyone is on the same page and creates consistency for young children.

If you are a toddler or preschool educator, it may be fun to incorporate potty training into your curriculum. There are so many books to read and fun videos to watch.

H&H Child Care Training Center (ChildCareEd) offers Potty Training Made Simple a 2-hour Zoom course that provides basic strategies to encourage potty training in young children, encourage family engagement, and recognize the indicators that a child is ready for potty training.

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