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Montessori Meal time

Maria Montessori believed that meal time is also an opportunity for children to learn. From infanthood when children learn to sit independently, Montessori children are given child sized tables and chairs and are taught to feed themselves. They learn hands-on experience by using real glasses and plates. They practice signing please and thank you, as well as serving themselves and others. Meal times can also be a chance for children to learn about different foods, health, and nutrition. 

When teachers understand what health and nutrition means for children at different stages, they are better able to encourage and promote healthy living with the children. H&H Child Care Training Center offers several courses in health and nutrition to assist providers with making appropriate choices for their children they serve.

Health & Nutrition

What’s on the Menu?: Health and Nutrition

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: School Age Nutrition

Just as Maria Montessori believed that meal time is an opportunity to learn, H&H believes that educators always have an opportunity to learn new practices and strategies to improve instruction. Being open to new approaches is essential for successful educators. All children are different and so educators must use a variety of developmentally appropriate practices to help all children learn. Keep on learning! Check back with H&H Child Care Training Center often to see what new courses we have available.

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