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Hey Georgia teachers, can you teach mathematical concepts to children as young as toddlers? Maria Montessori thought about this very question, and she responded with a definite yes!  With her creation of certain materials and manipulatives, Maria Montessori was able to bring difficult concepts down to a child’s level for better understanding.  For instance, a child starts developing their understanding of abstract mathematical concepts by using hands-on concrete sensorial materials such as the pink tower, brown stair, and red rods. By using these materials, the child can understand the concepts of "large versus small" and "long versus short." These concepts will start to lay the foundation for the later use of the bead material. For example, while adding the bead bars together they become longer, and while subtracting they become shorter. The process of introducing a quantity, then a symbol, and finally a quantity with the symbol is how the child can understand abstract concepts while using concrete materials.

We here at H&H Child Care Training (ChildCareEd) also believe that teachers can start teaching math at a younger age as well!  Come explore our classes “Math in Early Childhood” and “No Such Thing As Boring Math” to see just how you can successfully integrate math into your Montessori classroom. 

H&H Child Care Training offers many Georgia-approved classes on teacher interactions, children’s use of materials, and setting up the classroom environment.  All our classes will meet not only DECAL licensing requirements but also the Quality Rated annual training hours within Standard One of the Online Portfolio. 

To see a full list of classes H&H Child Care Training (ChildCareEd)has approved in Georgia, please visit our website or you can visit the GaPDS and search under Approved Sponsor Organization for H&H Child Care Training (TR-ASO-76) to schedule your next training today!

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