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Montessori education

Montessori education is based on scientific observations of human development. Dr. Maria Montessori, a scientist, and a medical doctor, based her approach on thousands of hours of observation of children and a lifetime of experimentation and refinement, developing a scientific model of human development and an educational approach that supports fully realized human potential.

Essential elements of Montessori practice

  • Children choose their own work- Children choose their own activities from a range of carefully prepared lessons and materials designed to support children’s natural development and drive to learn.
  • Trained teachers support children’s development- Teachers trained in Montessori principles and practice present a comprehensive curriculum individualized for each child.
  • Mixed-age groupings- Classrooms serve children in three-year age groupings according to developmental stages. Children can progress naturally as they are ready for more challenging material, build authentic community and learn from both teachers and peers.
  • Uninterrupted independent work periods- Classrooms offer long uninterrupted periods for independent work, where children build attention, focus, and concentration while learning at their own pace.
  • Montessori materials- Hands-on, concrete, self-correcting materials support engagement, curiosity, independence, and self-guided learning.

Evidence shows that Montessori students outperform their peers in both verbal and mathematical knowledge. Evidence also suggests that children who participate in Montessori programs handle conflict resolution better than their peers, and outperform their peers on executive functioning tasks.

One of the key Montessori principles that guide practice is the need to know every child and their unique learning styles. H&H Child Care Training Center offers training courses in all areas of early childhood education including principles of Montessori education. Teachers who are looking to incorporate Montessori methods into their own practice will find valuable information in coursework such as Wings of Independence and "Working With Mixed-Age Groups in Childcare". With more courses being added each week, educators will always find the most up-to-date content available. 

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