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Meaningful Professional Development

Early Childhood Educators in Massachusetts are required to complete annual professional development coursework. Depending on hours worked and if you are in a family child care or center-based child care, you will need to complete between 5-20 hours of professional development annually. Keep in mind that ⅓ of that needs to address diverse learners. So you are going to spend several hours, possibly of your own time, how do you make it beneficial, relevant, and significant? 

Understanding the purpose and value of continued training will help you make meaningful choices. When you choose courses that are relevant to your work, interests, or challenges, you are more likely to be engaged in the content and gain valuable information. When teachers continuously learn new information, strategies, and practices, they are able to become more effective teachers. Without knowledge of best practices and evolving data, we become stuck in the past and unable to help our students now.

When you consider the courses you would like to take to fulfill your professional development requirements, the coursework should be relevant to the age group you are working with and provide you with additional skills you can use in your classroom. 

H&H Child Care Training Center knows that your time is valuable and we strive to provide you with the easiest way to fulfill those requirements in your own time and with courses that will help you in your work with children. Our online platform offers over 150 self-paced courses with more being added each week.

Are you experiencing behavior problems in your classroom? Do you need some fresh ideas to both to prevent behaviors and find solutions to challenging behaviors? You are not alone! All teachers experience challenging behaviors in their classrooms. The key to dealing with these behaviors is prevention and solutions. Consider Going Head-to-Head with Challenging Behavior, Classroom Management is Collaboration! and soon-to-be released Solutions NOT Punishments.

H&H also offers lots of courses that address the needs of diverse learners. Consider Supporting Skill Development: Children with Special Needs or Cultures in the Classroom. Whatever your interest or needs, H&H has a course for you!



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