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Child Day Care Director Credentialing Organization

image in article Child Day Care Director Credentialing OrganizationChildcare program administrators have the challenging job of ensuring that programs offer developmentally appropriate experiences for the children, are supportive of the needs of families, and operate with sound administrative and fiscal management.  As an administrator in a childcare program, you will find that your role involves working with children, families, staff, and the community. To be an effective administrator you need to be able to work with all of these stakeholders in a positive and productive way. Understanding what your responsibilities are to each of these groups will aid in your ability to multitask with positive results.

Childcare program administrators are ultimately responsible for everything that takes place within a childcare program and act as the main communication hub between parents, teachers, and children. Administrators develop collaborative partnerships with staff and families so there is a shared, collective voice in planning, decision-making, and implementation.

To qualify as a childcare administrator in Texas, providers are required to complete specific training requirements. A daycare administrator credential is a credential recognized by Child Care Regulation as one way to meet director qualifications to become a child care director. H&H Child Care Training Center is listed as a  Recognized by Child Care Regulation.

H&H offers the Texas Director’s Credential completely online. This course prepares early childhood professionals for a career in child care administration.

This course is divided into 11 categories:

  • Ages and stages of development
  • Safety
  • Health
  • The Learning Environment
  • Guidance
  • Parent Relations
  • Observation techniques
  • Community
  • Management cycle concepts
  • Management skills
  • Managing an effective program

Participants will learn the essential skills of childcare Directors as well as best practices in working with young children and their families. 

Visit H&H today to learn more about how we can help Texas childcare providers meet their professional development goals. 

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