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Early Education Degree Online-DCF Trainings

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DCF Training

DCF stands for Department of Children and Families. DCF training is a series of introductory courses that are required for childcare providers in Florida. The training is a total of 40 hours and covers topics, including child development, health and safety, and early learning. DCF introductory training is taken through the Florida Early Childhood Professional Development Registry. A breakdown of the requirements is as follows.

PART 1 (30 hours)

  • Child Care Facility Rules and Regulations (6 hours)
  • Health Safety and Nutrition (8 hours)
  • Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (4 hours)
  • Child Growth and Development (6 hours)
  • Behavioral Observation and Screening (6 hours)

PART II (10 hours)

  • Understanding Developmentally Appropriate Practices (5 hours)

AND one (1) of the following:

  • Infant and Toddler Appropriate Practices (5 hours)
  • Preschool Appropriate Practices (5 hours)
  • School-Age Appropriate Practices (5 hours)
  • Special Needs Appropriate Practices (10 hours)

Upon completion of Part I and II introductory training requirements, childcare personnel must complete a minimum of 10 hours or 1.0 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) of in-service training during the state’s fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

The purpose of DCF training is to ensure that childcare providers have the knowledge and skills they need to provide high-quality care for children. 

DCF training is required for all childcare providers in Florida, including those who work in #family_childcare homes, #childcare_centers, and preschools. The training can be completed online or in person.

You can find more information about DCF training on the Florida Department of Children and Families website.

Exemptions from DCF Introductory Training:

Florida Statutes, s.402.305 (2) allows exemption from some of the required child care training based on educational credentials or passage of competency examinations.

For those who have obtained a CDA Credential, there are exemptions from certain DCF training requirements. These exemptions apply to the following trainings.

  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition (8 hours)
  • Child Growth and Development (6 hours)
  • Behavioral Observation and Screening (6 hours)

ChildCareEd currently offers 120 hours of CDA coursework for Infant and Toddler, Preschool, and Family Child Care

In addition, all of our online courses offer CEUs and can meet DCF Training requirements for in-service hours.

ChildCareEd also offers a FREE course detailing the CDA Credentialing process. 

CDA Introduction 1 Hour

In this course, providers will learn what it takes to obtain a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. For many in the early childhood education field, the CDA Credential is what sets them apart from others. Learn how the #CDA can advance your career and the steps in the CDA process including training, Verification Visit, Professional Portfolio, and Exam.

CDA Portfolio Review with ChildCareEd

CDA Portfolio Review with ChildCareEd- $100

ChildCareEd offers a customized evaluation of the Professional Portfolio for the #Child_Development_Associate Credential. This assessment is specifically tailored to each individual, considering their unique qualifications and requirements. ChildCareEd's goal is to provide a thorough and comprehensive review of the portfolio, ensuring that it meets the necessary standards and criteria established by the credential. By offering this personalized evaluation, ChildCareEd gives individuals the opportunity to enhance and strengthen their portfolios, thereby increasing their likelihood of obtaining the Child Development Associate Credential. This service demonstrates ChildCareEd's commitment to supporting professionals in the childcare and education field. Led by a certified PD Specialist, this one-hour virtual session aims to assist students in completing their CDA Professional Portfolio and address any questions they may have.

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