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Creating Community

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"It takes a village to raise a child."


A proverb, whose origins are largely unknown but attributed by many to African cultures, explains the importance of parents, teachers, and community working together for their children's education, for it is not solely the teacher's responsibility. When parents become more comfortable with their child's teacher and the classroom, they become more likely to be involved and even give voice in times of concern or asking for tips and strategies on how to help their child.

Cognitive development in children mainly occurs in the early stages of life. It is absolutely essential for parents and teachers to communicate with one another so that what their children are learning in school is being supported and extended at home. When they are learning the same things both in the classroom and at home, children better retain the knowledge and skills that they are learning. 

The H&H Child Care Training Center offers a number of classes that explores cultivating parent-teacher relationships and creating a sense of community that is bigger than the classroom. Some of the classes offered are as follows:

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