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Child Care in Michigan

image in article Child Care in MichiganChild care is an important part of many families' lives in Michigan. According to the Michigan Department of Education, there are over 12,000 childcare providers in the state, caring for over 400,000 children.

There are a variety of childcare options available in Michigan, including:

  • Child care centers: Child care centers are licensed to care for a group of children. They typically offer full-day care, and may also offer before- and after-school care.
  • Family child care homes: Family child care homes are licensed to care for a small number of children (usually up to six) in the provider's home. They may offer full-day care or may offer part-day care.
  • In-home care: In-home care is provided by a caregiver in the child's home. This option may be a good choice for families who want their child to be cared for in a familiar environment.
  • Head Start: Head Start is a federally funded program that provides #early_childhood_education and other services to low-income children.

The cost of child care in Michigan varies depending on the type of care, the location, and the number of hours of care. According to the Michigan League for Public Policy, the average cost of full-time child care for an infant in Michigan is $12,380 per year.

Finding quality child care can be a challenge for families in Michigan. The Michigan Department of Education offers a number of resources to help families find quality child care, including:

Child care is an important investment in a child's future. By providing high-quality child care, families can help their children develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and in life. ChildCareEd is a leading provider of child care training in Michigan. Child care providers in Michigan, please visit our website to enroll in your training today to become a licensed provider.


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