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Become a Licensed Child Care Provider or Teacher Today!!

image in article Become a Licensed Child Care Provider or Teacher Today!!H&H provides approved training for the purpose of meeting licensing requirements, and training and education for the Maryland Credentialing Program. In addition, H&H offers CEU trainings that are approved in the following states, MD, DC, VA, DE, FL, OH, DI, and NC.

When deciding which program is best for you it is important to understand your states child care regulations and who regulates child care programs. 

First, not all child care programs are required to have a license. To find out if the type of program that you are looking to run needs to be licensed we suggest you contact your state licensing office. For Maryland child care providers the number is 240-314-1400

Child Care Centers usually are required to be licensed or have a Letter of Compliance. However, there are some exceptions to this. In some states, programs with a religious affiliation may not be required to have a license.

Family Child Care Homes may or may not be required to have a license, depending on the size of the program and which state. 
School-Age Programs may not be required to have a license for child care if they are operated on school grounds by school personnel, depending on the state.

What is a child care license?

A child care license shows that a program has met the state standards for operating a child care program. Licensing covers standards such as health and safety, safe sleep practices, caregiver to child ratios, group size, food preparation and serving, staff training requirements, sanitation, emergency preparedness plans, and background checks for staff.

Each state has different licensing standards. Ask about your state’s licensing standards by checking with your local Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency. 

How does a program become licensed?

Although states may have different licensing requirements, there are similar steps that providers must take to obtain a license:

  • Providers must complete an application for a child care license.
  • Staff must complete a background check that is required by the state.
  • Most programs must receive an inspection to prove they meet the state’s requirements for health and safety in child care.

Some states may also require that staff meet certain educational levels. To learn more on how programs become licensed, contact your state licensing office.

H&H can provide all of the majority of trainings that you need to become a licensed provider or teacher in a licensed program. Classes are offered both online, hybird, and inclass. Contact H&H ChildCare Training Center today at 240-261-4163 



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