Math Lesson Plan for Infants/ Toddlers: Sample


Math Lesson Plan for Infants/ Toddlers: Sample

Type: PDF

License: CCBY

Source: ChildCareEd

Description: A #math lesson plan for infants and #toddlers is designed to introduce basic mathematical concepts through hands-on activities and games. These activities may include sorting objects by color or shape, counting and stacking blocks, and matching objects based on size or quantity. The lesson plan aims to stimulate the infants' and toddlers' curiosity and develop their problem-solving skills. It may also incorporate music and movement to engage and enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts. The activities in the math lesson plan are age-appropriate and promote the #development of early numeracy skills such as counting, recognizing patterns, and understanding basic mathematical relationships. The lesson plan encourages a playful and interactive approach, allowing the infants and toddlers to have fun while learning fundamental math skills.

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