Access for All: Inclusion and the ADA - zoom/in-person

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Access for All: Inclusion and the ADA - $25

Creating an inclusive environment is a must for providers who wish to deliver high-quality child care. In order to ensure they are in compliance with the ADA and the laws that apply to child care, providers must understand the concepts related to caring for children with disabilities and their legal obligations to make modifications and accommodations. In addition, to understand the ADA, providers need to know how the environment plays a crucial role in accessibility and inclusion for all children and ways in which they can design the child care space to include all children. When providers have a clear knowledge of the ADA and appropriate methods of inclusion, they are better capable of providing high-quality care for children of all abilities. In this 2-hour Zoom training course, providers will:
● Demonstrate understanding of the ADA and how it applies to family child care homes.
● Demonstrate knowledge of how setting up the environment can impact accessibility for all children.
● Define the term inclusion and how it relates to the child care environment and practice for all ages

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