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The NJ Workforce CDA Training Scholarship Program

image in article The NJ Workforce CDA Training Scholarship ProgramIn a bid to bolster the capabilities of New Jersey's #early-childhood workforce, the Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development proudly unveils the NJ Workforce CDA Training Scholarship program. This initiative aims to provide financial support to aspiring #educators pursuing the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, ensuring they receive the necessary training and resources to excel in their roles.

Scholarship Awards

The NJ Workforce CDA Training Scholarship program offers assistance in three key areas: 

  • CDA Training
  • CDA Assessment Fee (online only)
  • CDA Renewal

With a maximum scholarship amount of $1500, eligible candidates can alleviate the financial burden associated with obtaining this vital credential, thereby fostering professional #growth-and excellence within the field.


To qualify for this scholarship initiative, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria. They must serve as instructional #staff, such as #teachers or teacher's assistants, working in programs enrolled in Grow NJ Kids or programs receiving payment on behalf of children receiving subsidies through the Child Care Subsidy Program (CCDBG). Additionally, family child care providers enrolled in Grow NJ Kids or receiving payments on behalf of subsidized children through CCDBG are also eligible. Applicants must have been employed for at least three months and work a minimum of 30 hours per week.

For detailed information regarding eligibility and application procedures, interested individuals are encouraged to visit Here, they can access comprehensive resources and guidance to navigate the scholarship application process seamlessly.


Scholarship recipients have the flexibility to utilize the funds at training organizations offering CDA coursework. Notably, non-credit CDA training must be completed at a NJ Workforce Registry approved Training Agency. In this regard, ChildCareEd emerges as a prominent choice, being an Approved Training Agency with the NJ Workforce Registry.

ChildCareEd offers a comprehensive 120-hour CDA training program tailored for individuals seeking to attain the CDA Credential. Through this program, #students delve into the intricacies of #early-childhood-education, covering essential topics across the eight CDA Subject Areas. With experienced instructors and a robust curriculum, ChildCareEd equips aspiring educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their profession.

By partnering with ChildCareEd, scholarship recipients can access high-quality training that aligns with NJ Workforce Registry standards, ensuring a seamless pathway towards obtaining the CDA Credential. Through this collaboration, New Jersey's early childhood workforce is poised to thrive, equipped with the expertise and qualifications needed to provide exemplary care and education to young children statewide.

In conclusion, the NJ Workforce CDA Training Scholarship program, in collaboration with approved training providers like ChildCareEd, stands as a testament to New Jersey's commitment to fostering excellence within the early childhood education sector. By offering financial assistance and access to accredited training programs, this initiative empowers educators to reach new heights of professional achievement, ultimately benefiting the well-being and #development of children across the state.


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