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Supporting diverse learners and special needs

image in article Supporting diverse learners and special needsCreating an inclusive environment is a must for providers who wish to deliver high-quality child care. Educators play an important role in ensuring all children receive the necessary supports they need to foster their development. When educators fully understand the processes of referral, IEP, IFSP, and inclusion, they are better equipped to advocate for children and successfully implement necessary strategies. It is important to understand the ADA, IEPs, IFSPs, and how the environment and equipment modifications can be used to support individual needs. Each child comes into the classroom with a unique set of individual needs. Educators must be able to plan instruction while addressing these needs in a variety of ways. Differentiation and scaffolding are two methods that can be used to foster inclusion. H&H Child Care Training Center (ChildCareEd) has developed several courses to aid educators in their work with diverse learners and special needs children. Online training courses include:

In addition to these online options, H&H (ChildCareEd) also provides “in-person” Zoom trainings of the following training courses:

Visit the H&H (ChildCareEd) website to see the dates and times these Zoom sessions are available. 

Make sure you are prepared to support all children through a full understanding of inclusion and best practices in supporting all children.

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