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Why should I renew CDA Credentials? Many providers ask this question and ChildCareEd is here to answer! There are several important reasons the CDA Council requires all CDAs to renew their credentials.

The field of early childhood education is continuously changing. Ongoing research and the development of best practices necessitate that early childhood educators stay informed about these advancements to ensure they provide the best possible care and education for young children.

The decision to renew your CDA credential demonstrates your dedication to professional development. It shows your willingness to invest in your own learning and growth, as well as your commitment to delivering high-quality care and education for young children.

Furthermore, renewing your CDA credential can support career advancement. Numerous employers require early childhood educators to hold a CDA credential, and possessing an up-to-date CDA can give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

Are you interested in renewing your Child Development Associate (CDA) credential online? Look no further! ChildCareEd is here to assist you to #renew_CDA Credentials. We offer online CDA training renewal in Family Child Care, Infant and Toddler, and Preschool. Start today by simply clicking on the provided link!

Once you have obtained your CDA credential, it is necessary to complete coursework every three years before your credential expires. It is recommended that professionals prepare in advance and be ready to submit a complete application with supporting documents during the renewal period. 

The following items are required for renewal: 

  • Continued Professional Education totaling 4.5 CEUs
  • membership in a National or Local Early Childhood Professional organization
  • a minimum of 80 hours working with young children
  • a recommendation from an ECE reviewer
  • First Aid and Infant and Child CPR Certification

The purpose of our CDA Renewal online course at ChildCareEd is to strengthen the provider's knowledge and competence in their area of expertise regarding child care. This course covers all the necessary hours in eight CDA subject areas.

To #renew_CDA, you must apply for renewal no earlier than six months before the credential expires. It is essential to renew your CDA credential before it expires, and renewal requirements must be met in the original setting, even if you no longer work there. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions or extensions, and if your CDA Credential expires, you will need to reapply for a new credential.

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