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Pediatric and Adult First Aid and CPR Certification


image in article Pediatric and Adult First Aid and CPR CertificationIn a world where #safety and #preparedness are of utmost importance, having the knowledge and skills to respond to #emergency situations is crucial. ChildCareEd offers a First Aid & CPR AED Blended Learning Course designed to equip individuals with life-saving skills for infants and adults. This comprehensive course taught by an E.M.S. Safety Services approved trainer, ensures that participants meet OSHA requirements and industry standards for First Aid & CPR AED certification.

Course Structure

ChildCareEd's First Aid & CPR AED Blended Learning Course is divided into two parts, making it convenient and accessible for a wide range of individuals, including #daycare providers, fitness instructors, business professionals, and construction workers.

  • Online Portion (Completion Time: 3 Hours)
    • The online portion can be completed from the comfort of your home or office.
    • Participants can access the course materials through ChildCareEd's online platform at
    • Upon completion of the online portion, a certificate will be issued, which is a prerequisite for the in-person skills session.
  • In-Person Skills Session (Duration: 1 Hour)
    • After successfully finishing the online portion, participants must attend an in-person skills and drills session for practical, hands-on training and assessment.
    • This session ensures that individuals are proficient in applying First Aid & CPR AED techniques.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a 2-year HSI First Aid & CPR AED certification card. This certification validates their ability to provide first aid, perform CPR, and use an AED effectively in various emergency scenarios.

Who Should Attend?

This course is tailored to meet the needs of professionals in various fields, including daycare providers, fitness instructors, business industry personnel, and construction workers. These sectors often require employees to have proper First Aid & CPR AED training to guarantee the safety and well-being of clients and colleagues.

Course Highlights

ChildCareEd's First Aid & CPR AED Blended Learning Course covers a wide range of essential skills:

  • Techniques for responding to emergencies, including administering CPR and using AEDs.
  • Managing bleeding, injuries, and illnesses until professional medical assistance arrives.
  • Combining theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on practice for confident #emergency-response.

State Approvals

ChildCareEd is approved by 270 different agencies across the United States and is recognized in all 50 states. This recognition ensures that participants are receiving quality training that adheres to state licensing recommendations and requirements.


Certification typically needs to be renewed every two years to ensure participants are up to date with the latest techniques and best practices in First Aid & CPR AED.

In-Person Option

For those who prefer a fully in-person experience, ChildCareEd also offers a First Aid & CPR In-Person Course. This four-hour session is conducted by certified first aid and CPR instructors at H&H Corporate Office Suite in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Participants can check the training calendar on the ChildCareEd website for upcoming in-person course dates.


ChildCareEd's First Aid & CPR Blended Learning Course provides a convenient and comprehensive way for individuals from various professions to acquire the essential skills needed for First Aid & CPR AED certification. With a focus on OSHA requirements and industry standards, this course ensures that participants are well-prepared to respond to emergencies and potentially save lives. Enroll today at and take the first step towards becoming a certified First Aid & CPR AED responder. Your actions could make a significant difference in times of crisis.

To register for your First Aid & CPR training with ChildCareEd visit and click on Instructor Led. All of our upcoming courses are listed on our training calendar.

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