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MSDE Recently Updated Forms or Documents

image in article MSDE Recently Updated Forms or DocumentsThe Maryland State Department of Education's Office of Child Care (OCC) provides a variety of forms and resources to help parents find and select quality child care and ensure that caregivers are able to fully support the children in their care. Two of these forms have recently been updated: 

  • Parent's Guide to Regulated Child Care: This guide provides information about the different types of #regulated_child_care in Maryland, as well as the licensing requirements that childcare providers must meet. It also includes a checklist of questions that parents can ask childcare providers to help them make an informed decision about child care.
  • Child Care Health Forms: These forms are used to collect health information about children who attend childcare. They include a child's immunization record, a health history form, and a form for parents to give permission for their child to receive medical treatment.

The OCC forms can be found on the OCC website. You can also request a copy of the forms by calling the OCC at 410-569-8071.

ChildCareEd has also provided a link to these updated forms for your convenience.

MSDE Recently Updated Forms or Documents

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