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Vermont providers. Level Up with ChildCarEd!

image in article Vermont providers. Level Up with ChildCarEd!The Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder is a professional #development framework designed to support and recognize the growth and advancement of #early-childhood professionals in Vermont. It is part of Vermont's commitment to improving the quality of #early-childhood-education and care by promoting the ongoing education and training of those who work with young children. The Career Ladder aims to enhance early childhood professionals' skills and knowledge and ultimately improve children's well-being and development.

Key features of the Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder include:

  • Tiers and Levels: The Career Ladder is structured in tiers and levels, each representing a stage of professional development. The higher the level, the more advanced the qualifications and expertise of the early childhood professional.
  • Training and Education: Early childhood professionals at each level of the Career Ladder are required to complete specific training and education requirements. These requirements may include coursework in early childhood education, continuing education, professional development, and specialized training.
  • Experience: The Career Ladder often takes into account the amount of experience an individual has working in the early childhood field. Experience may be a contributing factor in moving up the ladder.
  • Professional Support: Support and mentorship are often provided to individuals as they progress through the Career Ladder. This can include guidance from more experienced professionals and access to resources to aid in professional development.
  • Recognition: Achieving higher levels on the Career Ladder is often recognized and celebrated. It can be a source of pride and motivation for early childhood professionals to continue their education and #career development.
  • Professional Goals: The Career Ladder allows professionals to set and achieve career goals. They can work towards specific levels and qualifications based on their personal and professional aspirations.
  • Improving Quality of Care: Ultimately, the Career Ladder is aimed at improving the quality of care and education provided to young children by ensuring that those who work with them are well-trained and knowledgeable in best practices in early childhood education.

The Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder is an important initiative in the state's efforts to provide high-quality early childhood education and care. It not only benefits the professionals who advance in their careers but also contributes to better outcomes for the children they serve. The specific requirements and details of the Career Ladder can evolve over time, so it's essential for early childhood professionals in Vermont to stay informed about the latest updates and requirements from the Vermont Department for Children and Families or relevant agencies.

Education Options for Level II include a current CDA credential certificate. ChildCareEd offers the 120 hours of CDA training in Infant/Toddler, Preschool, and Family Child Care. 

Unique benefits of taking the CDA with ChildCareEd.

  • Opportunities to chat with one of our CDA Professional Development (PD) Specialist
  • Portfolio review process. Included in your CDA training, is a consultation for review of your Portfolio prior to submission by one of our CDA Professional Development (PD) specialists. 
  • ChildCareEd offers CDA resources to assist in the development of your portfolio plus 100’s of additional resources to support you in your work with young children.

Register for your CDA training with ChildCareEd and level up on the Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder!


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