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Meet Our Trainers

Ever wondered who the faces are behind ChildCareEd? Allow us to introduce you to some of our staff!

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Lori Swerda

"I am Lori Swerda, or Ms. Lori in my teacher role! This is my favorite family picture with my two teenage daughters and two pups. We are obsessed with visiting Disney World whenever we can. We are from Maryland but have been living in Austin, Texas for about a year. I am also a writer and have a historical fiction novel called "Star-Spangled Scandal" on Amazon!"

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Heather Hollandsworth
"I have been married for almost 17 years (coming up this September 17), and I have two boys ages 11 and 13. I enjoy exercising (mostly weight lifting and kickboxing but I do take my dog for a run every morning but that is for his benefit, not mine. I do not love running). I love reading and spending time with my family. I enjoy watching the Washington Capitals hockey and NASCAR (#11 Denny Hamlin)."
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Jennifer Luther
Jennifer is a First Aid CPR Instructor with sixteen-plus years experience in safety and security. She resides in Damascus, Maryland with her husband, Rich, and daughter, Jessica, whom will be heading off to college this year! Hobbies include traveling, staying busy, and spending time with friends and family.
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Hwaida Hassanein
"Things to know about me is that I live by three principles, Faith, Family, and Fun!! I believe in creating environments that foster respect for all and allow for creativity and fun. As the founder of H&H, I welcome all of you to the family! My hobbies include traveling, entertaining friends and family, and a special love for cars! I have four young adult children, 2 boys and 2 girls. I have been married to my husband, Mohamed for 20 years and counting!!"
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Kyra Hall
 "Hello, my name is Kyra! I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. I graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree of Master of Education in 2017. I have one sweet son, and one sweet doggie son! My favorite color is blue…I took a few long walks on the beach this summer…I didn’t quite enjoy them as much as most! Walking on sand is not as easy as they make it seem!"
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Deborah Kim
"Hi! My name is Deborah, and you may know me as being the voice on the phone when you call. I enjoy many different hobbies, but my main loves are baking, watching action movies, and playing video games. I also relax by taking quiet walks around lakes in colder weather."
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"I believe in helping my community to become a better place through volunteering and working with kids of all ages. My favorite volunteer positions are working with Scouts, BSA and being an election judge. My hobbies currently are crafting, outdoor activities, and day-tripping. Our family has a new four legged addition, a guinea pig named Rocky. My sons Sol and Oran are grown and on their own. I have been married to my husband Howard, for more than 40 years and going strong. I draw on my varied work experience to prepare and teach my classes. I have worked in IT, MCPS, and science labs. My time at H&H has given me a chance to see the child care industry from the inside out. What an amazing place! I wish I could share my new experiences with other parents."

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