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Mapping Out Spaces

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As the year comes to a close, and a New Year is on the horizon, many teachers find this time to think about redesigning their classrooms.  Research has shown that the classroom acts as the second (or third) teacher and a carefully planned environment can help preschoolers feel calm and secure, while at the same time, engaged and inquisitive.  Children are more likely to feel they can be themselves and have a sense of belonging when their classroom environment is like their homes.  It is important to remember that the children you teach may spend several hours a day in your classroom. Creating a relaxing, home-like environment is critical. It can be overwhelming to spend eight or twelve hours in spaces that are visually overwhelming, with bright lights or bright colors. A home-like environment, in addition to places for privacy and quiet areas, offer children the opportunity to seek calm when they need it.

We here at H&H Child Care Training offer Classroom Designers to help teachers with classroom room arrangement in age-appropriate ways.  

H & H Child Care Training Courses grant .2 CEUs or more as well as awarding state approved clock hours of 2 or more for all childcare centers, and family childcare providers in many states.  Check with your licensing agency to check for any additional requirements and to see if we are approved in your home state.    

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