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International Day of Families

image in article International Day of FamiliesYesterday was International Day of Families! Spending time with our loved ones will always be precious, but did you know our families play a more critical role in our well-being and development? Quality family time helps children develop emotional intelligence and improves their mental health. Children’s mental health is critical for healthy development in all areas. Caregivers and families need to create opportunities to engage in positive relationships with one another to support children's healthy social and emotional development. Setting the foundation for social and emotional development at an early age will have a lifelong impact on children as they enter kindergarten, then middle school, then high school, maybe college, and finally the workplace. All along the way, they will continually use these skills to navigate new experiences, create lasting friendships, and develop positive self-esteem. Studies show that individuals who have not properly developed social and emotional skills are often those who encounter difficulties in school, display criminal behaviors, and abuse drugs and alcohol.

Looking for some strategies to improve relationships with families and support children’s social and emotional development? ChildCareEd offers a variety of training courses in these areas. Check out a few below and visit our website to see a full list of training courses available in your state.



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