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Individualizing Lessons for Connecticut’s Children

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H&H Child Care Training courses are accepted by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood towards the one percent of total annual hours worked of professional development requirements for those who work in family childcare homes, large family childcare homes and childcare facilities/centers. This includes directors, employees, operators, providers, and substitutes.

Individualized learning is a process of planning and implementing learning experiences that are responsive to each child's interests, strengths, and needs. Teachers reflect on their observations of each child and then plan the most effective ways to support each child's learning and development.

When learning experiences are tailored to children's interests, they are more engaging and meaningful to children. Because children may vary in their developmental progressions, it is also important that whichever curriculum a program uses, supports teachers in planning learning experiences that are responsive to individual children's strengths and needs.

 When teachers use an individualized learning approach, children reap the benefits in many ways.  Some of the children who may benefit from a more highly individualized approach include a child with challenging behaviors; a child who is a dual language learner; a child with a disability; or a child who may need an extra challenge.  Of course, there are other children who may benefit from an individualized learning approach, as this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We here at H&H Child Care Training offer courses on individualized learning to help teachers like yourself support each child in your program.  Click here to look at our course listings and register for your next class today!

To see a full list of classes H&H Child Care Training has accepted in Connecticut, please visit our website at and schedule your next training today!

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