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I-Messages and Classroom Management

image in article I-Messages and Classroom ManagementAn I-message tells a child how you feel about their behavior in a respectful manner.

Statements include four parts:

  • The child’s behavior
  • Your feelings about the behavior
  • The effects of the behavior
  • What they need to do instead.

When speaking to children about their behavior it is important to use I-Messages. This provides the child with a clear understanding of the inappropriate behavior, your feelings about the behavior, the effects of the behavior, and what you need them to do instead.


  • When you are fooling around and distracting the group I feel frustrated because that means all the other children have to wait for you to get started on the activity. I really need you to stay on task and not distract others when I am trying to start an activity.
  • It scares me when I see you throwing sand because it can get into other children’s eyes and hurt them.
  • I am feeling upset that you are getting up from your mat because it is quiet time and some children are trying to sleep.
  • When you knock down Billy’s tower, it makes me sad because he worked really hard to build it.

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