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Home Day Care Business Planning

image in article Home Day Care Business Planning Home daycare centers provide an affordable alternative to traditional child care options. This guide will help you develop a business plan that will help you succeed in starting your own home daycare center.

Create a Business Plan.

The purpose of a business plan is to determine the target marketing audience, the qualifications of the staff involved, and whether or not the provider can make a  profit.

A business plan also outlines measures to ensure the success of a child care program. A thorough business plan anticipates problems and puts in place different strategies to address them. Not only do business plans include budget items and projections, they also plan out administrative, production, and marketing plans for the child care program to grow. Business plans determine financial options needed and/or available and also predict the timeline in which a provider can repay debts incurred while opening their child care business.

Develop an Advertising Strategy.

You need to develop an advertising strategy before you begin promoting your daycare center. If you do not advertise, potential customers might never learn about your services. To attract new clients, you can use social media sites, print ads, radio spots, television commercials, and other methods.

H&H Child Care Training Center supports family child care providers in growing their business and advancing their education. H&H offers the following trainings designed for family child care providers:

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Marketing Your Family Child Care

CDA Family Child Care Credential

CDA Family Child Care Renewal

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